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Not All Who Wander Are LostI caught the wandering bug early in life. My mother didn’t believe in sitting at home with an infant, so she packed me up and took me wherever she went. Dad worked for the Army, so maybe it was in the family genes. I’m not sure exactly when they started taking me on actual trips, though my first vacation memory is swimming in a hotel pool in Austin, TX. I think I was about 3.Over the years, the trips got longer, and I’d remember more. We went on trips to Tennessee to visit my mom’s family, or to Florida to visit my dad’s. When we moved from Texas to Alabama, mom and dad would travel back to visit friends from Army days. Of course, I was always along for the ride.Some of my favorite trips were to Disney World, and I am old enough to remember the “real” E-Ticket rides! The sensation of flying in the dark on the Space Mountain ride, not knowing if a turn or a drop was coming up next, is one experience I will never forget. Nor will I forget the sound of “It’s a …

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